Embrace Total Wellness by Opening Chakras | Chakra Healing | Carol Tuttle’s Chakra Opening Program

Embrace Total Wellness by Opening Chakras | Chakra Healing | Carol Tuttle’s Chakra Opening Program.


Would you like to heal some aspect of yourself, perhaps your heart, your sense of self-esteem, or your weight issues? Did you know that you can use your body’s energy to heal yourself? Have you accessed the power of the seven chakras?

What are the seven chakras?

opening charasWithin your body is a finely-tuned system of energy that drives your ability to function. Your relationship with food, your ability to attract affluence, your social relationships, your ability to be confident – all of these aspects of your personality and more can be traced back to your body’s energetic centers, called the chakras. Ascending from the perineum at the base of the spine to the very top of your head, these seven potent sources of vibrational energy reign over your total wellness. When you are able to fully accept and love yourself and others, when you feel prosperous and blessed, and when you live in each moment with ecstatic joy, your seven chakras are open and functioning properly.

Despite the all-encompassing positive power of the chakra centers, disturbances in energy can occur. When this happens, a person’s normal functioning is interrupted. Energy blockages can result in reoccurring difficulties and everyday problems such as depression, financial struggles, mental block, marital struggles, or loss of faith. Each of these afflictions can be traced back to the functioning of a particular chakra center. For instance, the manifestation of an eating disorder is linked to a blocked Root Chakra. Luckily, any of the worldly obstacles faced by a person can be resolved through opening chakras. When the energy in one of your seven chakra centers is affected by an imbalance of some sort, you need to focus your attention on healing that energy center. The first thing you need to do is identify the location of your energetic imbalance.

Identify your chakra imbalance.

Take the Free Chakra Healing Test to start healing yourself today.


How to Open Your Chakras

If you’ve identified a chakra blockage that is preventing you from moving forward with your life, you can apply various techniques to help you open that chakra and channel its naturally positive energy. The following modalities are available for those looking to access their own chakra energy:

    • Thai Yoga Therapy:

through yoga, many people are able to experience the benefits of total healing. By connecting the mental, physical, and spiritual realms of being, yoga allows the individual to feel truly rejuvenated. The age-old postures and positions are focused around the distribution of energy in the body, enabling restoration.

    • Meditation:

The many benefits of meditation have been documented by scientists and healers alike. Those that spend a small amount of time meditating each day are able to experience mental clarity, physical well-being, and spiritual illumination.

    • Positive Affirmations:

Positivity is powerful. When you say an affirmation, even if you are consciously skeptical of what you are saying, the positive energy encapsulated in what you are saying can actually restore a closed chakra center.

    • Crystal Healing:

Gemstones and crystals contain powerful vibrational energy sourced from the earth. Operating at various frequencies, you can apply a specific crystal to a closed chakra center to allow natural energy to restore that particular center.

    • Visualization:

When you mentally visualize positive energy emanating from a particular chakra, you can correct a blockage at that particular site. Energy disturbances that result from the absorption of an abundance of negative vibrations can be willfully refocused.

Experience Wholeness

opening chakrasOpening chakras is a simple process and it has the power to truly revitalize your life. When you consciously redirect your body’s energy to an area of need, you can experience wholeness again. Although the obstacles you may face in life are numerous and often beyond your control, accessing your chakra energy is the only way to successfully overcome difficulties. Opening chakras can help you become self-sufficient, confident in your abilities to tackle challenges, and emotionally aware. The first step towards claiming the self that you deserve is recognizing whether or not you have an imbalance. Once you identify the presence of an energetic disruption you can move forward with healing it.


Appreciate the Power of your Breath

ImageYoga in its wholeness draws upon and channels prana or life force energy; prana is harnessed and purified using breathing techniques and exercises called Pranayama, among others and yoga asana (postures) strengthens and detoxifies the body allowing space for the prana to flow freely.


To start let’s take yoga out of the equation. Breathing is an essential part of life…agreed? It is proven that we can survive a few days without food or water but without breath life ceases in minutes.

Being that our breath is so essential to living, if we learn to regulate the breath we can enhance and maximise our health both physically and spiritually.

There is a strong link between the somatic (associated with the voluntary control of body movements) and autonomic (control system functioning largely below the level of consciousness-involuntary) nervous systems. Through our autonomic nervous system our brain is programmed to breathe throughout our life. We don’t have to remind ourselves to breathe every minute- thankfully! ImageHowever, the amazing thing is that we also have the ability to regulate and control our breath with our conscious mind. By doing this we create a bridge between the two nervous systems and therefore between the conscious and subconscious mind. The magic of it all is that with the regular practice of breath control we can improve our mental health and overall wellbeing.

A profound example is how effective breathing techniques are for pregnancy (specifically the delivery); by regulating the breath it calms the mind and allows the body to perform one of life’s biggest miracles.

With an inhale we invite universal energy (prana) into our system, clearing blockages and healing us on many levels. With an exhale we remove whatever toxins and impurities that are collected in us. We let go and allow the body to release and relax.

Our breath is the powerful link between body, mind, emotions and spirit.

  • IImagen order to move our bodies it is our mind that has the intention to move, and then we need to breathe to perform the physical task. By regulating the breath we can improve our movement, for example, our endurance and stamina while trekking or running.
  • Our emotions have an effect on our breathing, for example, notice the breath when you or a child cries or if angry or tired…. By controlling the breath we regulate the emotions. Calm and soothing breath = calm emotions and clear mind! Happy Body is a Happy Spirit!
  • Breathing is the most basic and simple form of meditation, unifying the spiritual and physical body, connecting with prana.


So when you bring it back to yoga you see how the vinyasa is teaching us to harness prana. Vinyasa is the linking of the body movement with controlled breath.

Try it now – take a moment to sit, close the eyes and take a really nice, big deep breath in and then slowly, smoothly exhale – sit with this feeling. Appreciate the power of your breath!

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