Embrace Total Wellness by Opening Chakras | Chakra Healing | Carol Tuttle’s Chakra Opening Program

Embrace Total Wellness by Opening Chakras | Chakra Healing | Carol Tuttle’s Chakra Opening Program.


Would you like to heal some aspect of yourself, perhaps your heart, your sense of self-esteem, or your weight issues? Did you know that you can use your body’s energy to heal yourself? Have you accessed the power of the seven chakras?

What are the seven chakras?

opening charasWithin your body is a finely-tuned system of energy that drives your ability to function. Your relationship with food, your ability to attract affluence, your social relationships, your ability to be confident – all of these aspects of your personality and more can be traced back to your body’s energetic centers, called the chakras. Ascending from the perineum at the base of the spine to the very top of your head, these seven potent sources of vibrational energy reign over your total wellness. When you are able to fully accept and love yourself and others, when you feel prosperous and blessed, and when you live in each moment with ecstatic joy, your seven chakras are open and functioning properly.

Despite the all-encompassing positive power of the chakra centers, disturbances in energy can occur. When this happens, a person’s normal functioning is interrupted. Energy blockages can result in reoccurring difficulties and everyday problems such as depression, financial struggles, mental block, marital struggles, or loss of faith. Each of these afflictions can be traced back to the functioning of a particular chakra center. For instance, the manifestation of an eating disorder is linked to a blocked Root Chakra. Luckily, any of the worldly obstacles faced by a person can be resolved through opening chakras. When the energy in one of your seven chakra centers is affected by an imbalance of some sort, you need to focus your attention on healing that energy center. The first thing you need to do is identify the location of your energetic imbalance.

Identify your chakra imbalance.

Take the Free Chakra Healing Test to start healing yourself today.


How to Open Your Chakras

If you’ve identified a chakra blockage that is preventing you from moving forward with your life, you can apply various techniques to help you open that chakra and channel its naturally positive energy. The following modalities are available for those looking to access their own chakra energy:

    • Thai Yoga Therapy:

through yoga, many people are able to experience the benefits of total healing. By connecting the mental, physical, and spiritual realms of being, yoga allows the individual to feel truly rejuvenated. The age-old postures and positions are focused around the distribution of energy in the body, enabling restoration.

    • Meditation:

The many benefits of meditation have been documented by scientists and healers alike. Those that spend a small amount of time meditating each day are able to experience mental clarity, physical well-being, and spiritual illumination.

    • Positive Affirmations:

Positivity is powerful. When you say an affirmation, even if you are consciously skeptical of what you are saying, the positive energy encapsulated in what you are saying can actually restore a closed chakra center.

    • Crystal Healing:

Gemstones and crystals contain powerful vibrational energy sourced from the earth. Operating at various frequencies, you can apply a specific crystal to a closed chakra center to allow natural energy to restore that particular center.

    • Visualization:

When you mentally visualize positive energy emanating from a particular chakra, you can correct a blockage at that particular site. Energy disturbances that result from the absorption of an abundance of negative vibrations can be willfully refocused.

Experience Wholeness

opening chakrasOpening chakras is a simple process and it has the power to truly revitalize your life. When you consciously redirect your body’s energy to an area of need, you can experience wholeness again. Although the obstacles you may face in life are numerous and often beyond your control, accessing your chakra energy is the only way to successfully overcome difficulties. Opening chakras can help you become self-sufficient, confident in your abilities to tackle challenges, and emotionally aware. The first step towards claiming the self that you deserve is recognizing whether or not you have an imbalance. Once you identify the presence of an energetic disruption you can move forward with healing it.


Energy Healing

ImageHaving completed a wonderful Seichem Workshop at the weekend I feel like writing about hands on healing or energy work. Many people have heard of Reiki an ancient Japanese (Dr Mikao Usui) form of healing the body’s energy field or aura by channelling the universal energy through one’s hands. It rebalances energy, strengthening the body’s own energy and cleanses the body’s chakras, the mind, emotions and physical body too. Reiki heals areas that need treating and is used to compliment many conventional therapies world wide.  

Guidelines to live by, a poem for today:

Just for today, do not worry.

Just for today, do not anger.

Honor your parents, teachers and elders.

Earn your living honestly.

Show gratitude to everything.

–Dr. Mikao Usui

Reiki calms the mind reduces stress, worry or anxiety. It also boosts the immune system and supports the body’s natural ability to heal itself. It unblocks our creativity helping us reach our true potential, promoting self confidence and aiding us to develop healthy relationships. 

ImageSeichem is another form of energy healing, an add on to Reiki really. It is a combination of Reiki along with the three other elements fire, water and air. Used together combining the earth element of Reiki, Seichem is considered a powerful form of energy healing used to aid and give healing to acute problems, injuries and chronic illness. Reiki and Seichem, energy work is channeled through a practitioner by placing their hands on or over the body in positions corresponding to chakras and organs. A typical session lasts an hour, but can be done in as short a time as 15 mins or distance healing. 

ImageThere are many more forms of healing for example Acupuncture, Angel Healing, Body Work Massage, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Colour Therapy, EFT, Theta Healing etc. The bottom line is that they all come from a good intention to raise the client from one state to a better one, aiding relief and peace. The client does not need to believe or do a course in the therapy to receive a treatment – there comes a time when you are happy to surrender to a higher good and allow healing to take place.

I am a Reiki & Seichem  practitioner – I offer Energy Healing, a combination of my background and training – Colour Therapy, Chakra Healing, Reiki and Seichem and Yoga Therapy & Meditation.

Chakras – What are Chakras?

Most people are aware of our physical, emotional and mental bodies that exist within us…. but are we in touch with our spiritual or energetic body? As a whole we have these four bodies and they are inter-linked. The energetic body comprises of the Aura – an energetic field that radiates around us and the chakras, which are the connection points between our aura and our physical, mental and emotional bodies.

Firstly, the definition of Chakra is a swirling vortex of energy permeating from points in the physical body found in the subtle/energetic body.

The word chakra, found in yogic texts, derives from the Sanskrit word for wheel or sometimes referred to as padmas which means lotus. Chakras are not normally seen – unless clairvoyant (a person with the gift to see energy, an extra sensory perception), but if we were able to see the chakras they are described as colourful spinning wheels or lotus flowers. The spinning wheel concept indicates that they are moving, active, vibrating energy points found in living beings. The lotus flower represents that, like a plant it is something that grows with development, so in us some of our energy centres have not fully bloomed.

Clairvoyants perceive the chakras as colourful energy centres. Each chakra represents a colour of the spectrum, or rainbow. Root: Red, Sacral:Orange, Solar Plexus: Yellow, Heart: Green/Pink, Throat: Light Blue, Third Eye: Indigo, Crown: Violet/White.

In the western world we concentrate on the seven main chakras, located vertically from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. Studies have shown that the location of the chakras correlate to western anatomy and physiology, each of the seven main chakras are linked to the major glands or nerve plexus within the body. For example the Manipura (Third Chakra) is the solar plexus chakra located at the solar nerve plexus. An interesting point to make is that the location of each of these nerve plexus or glands corresponds to where some of the common psychosomatic illnesses manifest. Hence, there is a link to the health of our energy levels and our physical wellbeing.

Each chakra represents different aspects in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body. They each have a colour, crystal, essential oil, angel and yoga pose that can aid healing, balance and activation. The size, brightness, and movement are individual depending on everyone’s development, physical condition, energy level, dis-ease or stress.

Chakras can be visualised, using meditation and imagining the chakras you can activate and balance your own energy centres. A simple visualization for each chakra is to imagine a ball of coloured light (the colour that represents the desired chakra) located at the specific chakra and imagine with every breath the coloured ball of light grows.

Using colour is an easy way to elevate your energy levels – applying the principles of colour theory; each colour can have a different effect on your system. For example, light blue is generally tranquil – calming the mind and allowing thoughts to be perceived more clearly. Or yellow has a bright uplifting effect, instilling vitality, self-esteem and spontaneity.

If the chakras are not balanced or energy is blocked it can have a knock-on effect on your physical, emotional or mental body – well, in fact it is the emotional or mental block that generally causes an energy blockage. Most of us have one or more of our chakras out of balance at any given point in time. These subtle differences may be the very reason for each of our individual personalities. However, more obvious imbalances or blockages can have a huge effect on both our physical and mental well-being.

The body gives us clues to the state of our wellbeing. Unbalanced chakras can leave one feeling tired, listless or just not right. At chakrahealing.com they give a great example: a sore throat can be an indication that the 5th (Throat) chakra needs balancing; headaches can hint that we need to work on our 6th (Third Eye) chakra; constipation may nudge us into looking at our base chakra. Alternatively, you can draw from your behaviour. Are you often fearful, lacking in confidence and self-esteem? Work with your 3rd (solar plexus) chakra. Do you find you have sexual relationships but can’t connect on an emotional level? You may well need to focus on both the 1st (base) and 4th (heart) chakras. If you’re feeling too spacey and drifting away from the “real world” you may need to ground yourself with your 1st (base) chakra. www.chakrahealing.com

A balance allows the chakras or individual energy points to be open to the universal energy flow. So by cultivating an inner awareness we can keep check on our state of being. Yoga is one practice that promotes this inner awareness, connecting to the power of the breath, moving the body and stilling the mind. As the physical body is a great indicator as to how we are doing energetically therefore by aligning the body and relieving discomfort we are automatically balancing the energetic body. Just like many people go to a chiropractor or kinesiologist to align their body, a yoga asana (posture) practice will have a similar effect. As the term chakra was first mentioned in yogic texts, it is the fundamental reason for practicing yoga to balance and activate the chakras, to align the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies – to become one. The true purpose of yoga is to sit comfortable in Padmasana (lotus pose, seated pose) and meditate, which allows you to access and harness your energetic field and use the chakras as a path leading from the material physical world to the world of universal intelligence, intuition and inspiration.

Information sourced from my teacher Paul Dallaghan at Yoga Thailand, Chakra Yoga by Alan Finger, The Chakra Bible by Patricia Mercier & www.chakrahealing.com

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